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We are  manufacturer in Rapid Prototype and molding with over 10 year experience in china,apply to Medical Equipment,Auto Parts,Electronic and Toy's area and so on.

Our main service:

CNC milling(machining) parts
Rapid Prototyping(CNC,SLA,SLS);
Injection Mould;
Low Mass Production;
Vacuum Casting ;
Rapid Tooling
Precision Metal Stamping

Rainbow Company offer  the best service and   quality for more than 10,000 clients  around the world  in past years. Since 2008 we  established a  new branch company in  American.
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  Silicon mold for small production
  Introduction to Rapid Prototyping

Vacuum Casting

The method uses cast silicone moulds, made as follows: a master model (that typically originates from stereolithography or selective laser sintering) is carefully prepared, to ensure a high quality finish to the surface and the definition of the parting planes. Silicone is cast around the master, partially under vacuum in order to avoid air bubbles being trapped in between master and silicone. After curing, the mould is cut according to the parting planes and the master is removed, leaving a cavity to make copies. The flexibility of the silicone allows limited undercuts, which might avoid slides or additional parting planes.
Two-component polyurethanes are typically used as copying material. This allows fast production of high quality parts. Vacuum casting is a copying technique typically used for the production of small series (10 to 20) of functional plastic prototypes.