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The rapid prototyping techniques including :
SLA ¨C Stereolithography . Material:Epoxy Resin
SLS --Selective Laser Sintering. Material:Nylon,ABS,PP,PVC,Aluminum
The prototype can be sanded, glued, and painted, silk-screeen,and surface texture very similar to that of production materials.
Methodology of rapid prototyping
The basic methodology for all current rapid prototyping techniques can be follows:
1.A CAD model is constructed, then converted to STL format.The resolution can be set to minimize stair stepping.
2.The RP machine processes the .STL file by creating sliced layers of the
3. The first layer of the physical models is created. The model is then lowered by the thickness of the next layer,and the process is repeated until completion of Model.
4.The model and any supports are removed .The surface of the model
is then finished and cleaned.

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rapid prototyping Manufacturing:
CNC machinging parts is the process by which material is removed from
a workpiece with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment that
cuts away unwanted material .Machining is possible in real materials,
Parts are machined directly from your 3D CAD models.
Rapid CNC machining for rapid prototyping for 20 years, in China Explorer
combination of low labour and materical costs, combined with investment in high-speed machining equipment. Means the foregin customers will experience savings over 50 percent on their current prototyping costs.
CNC Advantage
1.Machine many material that is commerically available in stock sizes,widely selection and recycled materials such as: ABS NYLON NYLON PC POM DELRIN ALUMINUM MAGNALIUM STAINLESS STEEL.
2.Typical accuracy is +/-0.1mm.Ability to hold tight tolerances,typical accuracy.
3.The cost be cheaper than even SLA,SLS rapid prototypes depending on the geometry.