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Rapid Prototyping service

We are  manufacturer in Rapid Prototype and molding with over 10 year experience in china,apply to Medical Equipment,Auto Parts,Electronic and Toy's area and so on.

Our main service:

CNC milling(machining) parts
Rapid Prototyping(CNC,SLA,SLS);
Injection Mould;
Low Mass Production;
Vacuum Casting ;
Rapid Tooling
Precision Metal Stamping

Rainbow Company offer  the best service and   quality for more than 10,000 clients  around the world  in past years. Since 2008 we  established a  new branch company in  American.
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  Silicon mold for small production
  Introduction to Rapid Prototyping

Injection Mould

Injection molding is principally used for the production of the thermoplastic parts, although some progress has been made in developing a method for injection molding some thermosetting materials. The problem of injecting a melted plastic into a mold cavity form a reservoir of melted material has been extremely difficult to solve for thermosetting plastics which cure and harden under such conditions within a few minutes. The principle of injection molding is quite similar to that of die casting. The process consists of feeding a plastic compound in powdered or granular form from a hopper through metering and melting stages and then injecting it into a mold. After a brief cooling period, the mold is opened and the solidified part ejected. Injection-molding machines can be arranged for manual operation, automatic single-cycle operation, and full automatic operation. The advantage of injection molding are: 1. a high molding speed adapted for mass production is possible; 2.there is a wide choice of thermoplastic materials providing a variety of useful properties; 3. it is possible to mold treads, undercuts, side holes, and large thin sections.