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Rapid Prototyping service

We are  manufacturer in Rapid Prototype and molding with over 10 year experience in china,apply to Medical Equipment,Auto Parts,Electronic and Toy's area and so on.

Our main service:

CNC milling(machining) parts
Rapid Prototyping(CNC,SLA,SLS);
Injection Mould;
Low Mass Production;
Vacuum Casting ;
Rapid Tooling
Precision Metal Stamping

Rainbow Company offer  the best service and   quality for more than 10,000 clients  around the world  in past years. Since 2008 we  established a  new branch company in  American.
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  Silicon mold for small production
  Introduction to Rapid Prototyping

Rainbow rapid prototyping - You can choose

Why USE Rainbow for Rapid Prototype?

  Quick lead time on rapid prototype
  The most advanced rapid prototyping machines
  Wide variety of rapid prototyping material
  Vast rapid prototyping engineering experience
  Quality - Guaranteed!
  Save your time and money!

Rainbow Rapid Prototype Company offer CNC/SLA Rapid prototyping,CNC milling(machining parts),Vacuum Casting to  help you get from plans to production in the shortest amount of time.
And apart from Rapid Production services,we can provide Injection mold and production when you start to proceed with your production after the prototype audited.

We serve your industry with the precise rubber compound formed through state-of-the-art compression, transfer, and molding technology to serve a wide range of industries including:

  Aerospace Air and Fluid Control
  Hydraulic Medical
  Auto Gaming
  Food Processing Electronics
  Scientific kitchenware
  Marine Sports equipment

China Rainbow Rapid manufacturer Company offers a variety of comprehensive services. Our expertise is in functional and durable working rapid prototypes and short-run prototype production from secondary tooling and Rapid tooling.